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Why Life Feels Dark, Empty, and Silent

How do we cope in the emptiness and the unknown?

Woman building primitive fire
Woman building primitive fire

Here are some thoughtful alternatives from my own journey through the void to shift your perception and see the light at the end of this tunnel, even when life feels dark, empty, and silent:

You are in the womb of vast universal creation. You can't see it yet, but there is immense life being birthed right now in the spiritual realm. You have just experienced a crash course collision with divine destiny and you do not even know it yet! Your eyes and ears are still recovering from the intensity. Slowly but surely, your eyesight and your hearing will return… and you will find yourself in a whole new world. You have been gifted opportunity to recreate your life as you have ever known it. How amazing. What is it that you dream? Now is the time to set your intentions and new visions! Then, allow the Universe to work in your favor. Pay attention to the signs, and follow the highest and most joyous and loving flow as the doors begin to open again.

The storm must pass. You are in a temporary season! It is inevitable that you will rise out of here. It is the natural way. You do not have to force or fight your way out of here. Time will naturally transition you. In the fullness of time, a new season is awaiting you. You had to be ready for it. Now you are in position. Now you are prepared. Now you will experience gratitude for the wait and for this process. You will feel so alive again. Hold on and realize how strong you are. You will be able to share the wisdom from this experience. Stand still and rest, because the next season of your life will demand new and different versions of you that you have not yet discovered within yourself. Wait. Be patient. Trust the journey.

There is a pour of blessings on the way to you. You have endured a season of drought way too long. You have emptied your vessel for fresh water to flood in. When you are at the point of complete nothingness, that is when absolutely everything can come in. You have no expectations. You are right where you need to be for the most optimum and magical sense of fulfillment you could ever imagine. You had to be here and succumb to this point so that you can ask for and receive more from Life! Your spirit knew this before your mind did. You have never lost control - you have gifted it to the Universe, the Most High beyond yourself, so that the Universe, Love, the Infinite Source, may awaken from the inside of you. Get ready to receive and embody so much more light.

God is

The new light of life

Entering between the limbs

Of trees in fall in the dark of night

When the leaves die and decay

With the ecstasy of fresh beginnings

Faced in the vehicle driven to death and fray

A warm kiss of fire crashed on your skin

By a simple billboard sign on the highway

That split you violently and gracefully open

For hope and liberation,

Raileigh Duschen

If this touched your heart, and you find yourself on the journey, please check out my new book, Phoenix Medicines - A Transformative Journey Through Consciousness available as an ebook or paperback in my bookstore.

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