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Aligning Values with Business:

A Holistic Approach for Change-Makers

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You can be excellent at something and still make NO money, or even if you do make a lot of money, still be unhappy. Is it because your skills are invaluable? Do you need to work a job you hate for the rest of your life because it pays the bills? Certainly not. Perhaps you are simply not aligning your true gifts with both purpose and fulfillment. Is it so crazy to think that when you tap in and tune into your genuine and authentic self, that the Universe/God will naturally reward you with abundance? Clarifying your soul-deep values, examining your lifestyle, and sharing your authentic creativity are the missing keys to a sustainable business practice.

So what do self-love and self-acceptance have to do with business? Everything! You want to create a business model that lasts and withstands every pitfall along the way, right? You desire to create abundance not only for yourself, but also your family, your business partners, and maybe even your community. You envision creating a legacy for yourself. In order to create something so monumental, you will need to dive into self-awareness first. What is the significance of an idea or motive if it is not aligned with the real you? When you go to sell your products, are you exuding confidence– not in ego, but with a living sparkle in your eyes that tells others they can trust that what you have created will help them? As any business owner or salesperson knows, you have to be comfortable with rejection, failure, and the kind of stress that keeps you hungry enough to never give up or quit. 

Your career should not be harmful or toxic to you. Yes, it will challenge you, overwhelm you, and defeat you at times. But the entrepreneurial and business journey is a commitment beyond yourself, as you are creating a service or product for others, and it is important that they have it. In order to sustain such a high vibration and need for leadership, accountability, strength, and discipline, you will need to be observant and weary of your daily lifestyle choices. This includes everything you consume on a daily basis–from your afternoon lunches to the casual conversations with friends you are having. Anything that is not in alignment or supportive of your path and success must go!

Deciding to be a creative entrepreneur or conscious business owner means you are no longer a passive consumer. It is time to embody the lifestyle of a creator. When most people are enjoying entertainment and leisure, you will be gifting away hundreds and thousands of hours of free content and services for people to learn how to trust you and grow interest in your business. You will have to be unconditionally loving in your service. You may question your dreams and visions again and again when it seems they do not fruit anything financially for you…yet. Remember that your business does not become official when you have a storefront building, an LLC registered, or you make your first sale. Your business is you, and your brand is the lifestyle you choose every day. So enjoy the journey while you are at it, for every moment is an opportunity to love yourself more, inspire someone, make a sale, and improve someone’s life. 

Keep growing,

Raileigh Duschen

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