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Journey Within: A Retreat for Inner Guidance and Restoration

Rise Above:
Retreat for New Light and Deep Growth

May 9-12th, 2024

Black Mountain, North Carolina

Join us for a transformative and healing retreat weekend

The upcoming RISE ABOVE - RETREAT FOR NEW LIGHT AND DEEP GROWTH happening May 9-12th, 2024 in Black Mountain, NC (30 minutes outside of Asheville, NC) will be guided by professional facilitators in the fields of consciousness and mindfulness ….in a beautiful and healing mountain forest with cozy lodging, riverside hiking, meditation rooms, and more. 


So if you are reading this now and are interested, I highly encourage you to check the registration page while rooms are still available.


There are only 7 rooms available and we will likely have a waiting list. 


[book now]

Here are what participants said about the recent fall retreat!


"This experience left me with a profound sense of inner peace and excitement. The ability to create a meaningful space where strangers can come together and share wisdoms, intentionally connect, and receive practical tools for personal development in just two days is truly astonishing. I walked in with a heaviness in my heart and apprehension to what this healing retreat could actually do for my current state of mind but, I am so happy to walk away with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. Knowing that I share a world with the beautifully genuine and attentive people I met during this process makes me hopeful for who God will bring into my life as I continue on my path. What a healing reminder to make space for connecting with people and showing up to not only be heard, but to truly listen."


North Carolina

"The ‘door’ that was opened in the retreat was so expansive.  I’m still in awe of the view ahead of US (the individual Me’s and the collective US)".  



"Raileigh holds impeccable space for healing. For such a young person, her abilities make it very clear she is an old soul. Her heart is pure. I took part in a retreat she facilitated last month in the Asheville area. It was so nourishing and in the flow of Spirit."


North Carolina

"Their guided meditations followed by group discussions allowed everyone to learn from each other and feel connected. The yoga practice in the dome was relaxing and reminded me how good it feels to stretch. The beautiful natural surroundings and delicious nurturing food were the icing on the cake!"



"Being part of a free-flowing, deeply connected retreat felt like a breath of fresh air. It wasn't the highly organized event I expected; instead, it had this easy flow where everyone just clicked and pitched in. The space was set for open conversations which made me feel safe and inspired at the same time. If you’re looking for a community that is filled with Love, who accepts you wherever you are. Try one of Raleigh’s next retreats, promise you won’t regret it."


North Carolina

"Raileigh is an amazing facilitator. The gifts she brings to a group setting are numerous. Her ability to manage multiple elements of an experience is incredible. Having attended a retreat she recently hosted, I was impressed with the nutritious and delicious menu she created, as well as the quality of food that was prepared. As a ceremonial guide, Raileigh incorporates several elements that support an experience of safely entering the sacred space of circle; energy clearing with smoke, sound bathing, meditations and yoga to connect with the inner self, allowing participants to open their hearts and share personal challenges as well as the wisdom gleaned from navigating those life challenges. Above all, it is Raileigh’s loving demeanor and the kindness of her voice that are the greatest gifts of being in her presence."


North Carolina


I am excited to meet those who have connected with me on the journey in person and to keep building our global community of empowered individuals who are actualizing their highest visions and life purpose.  


If you cannot attend this retreat, don’t worry we will have more in the future! We also have free and low-cost resources available.

Praying that I will be able to hold the space to support your path whenever divine timing allows.


Peace, love, and abundance,


Raileigh Duschen

Author, Poet, Speaker, Healer

Life Purpose Actualization Coach

Founder, Conscious Lifestyle Coaching LLC

So what's included in the retreat?

  • Three nights and four days in scenic and cozy mountain lodge 

  • All-inclusive, healthy, nourishing, and fulfilling meals for the entirety of your stay

  • Acres of lush temperate rainforest, river-side hiking trails, a meditation pond, and a walking labyrinth 

  • Four professional mindfulness workshops led by expert coaches and healers

  • One hour of restorative and gentle yoga and meditation with a sound bath in a geodesic light dome 

  • Bonfires with elder storytelling and live acoustics

  • On-site eclectic bookstore featuring local and world-renowned books on self-development, healing, and spirituality

  • Daily sacred ceremonial healing sessions

  • Two-hour guided hike and meditation journey 

  • Free books and self-development resources 

  • Gift bag with herbal and beauty care

  • Well-stocked variety of snacks and refreshments

  • Prime travel destination - including a 25 min drive to Lake Lure, 1 hr 17 min drive to Mount Mitchell, 38 min to Asheville downtown (41 min drive to AVL airport), 26 min to Blue Ridge Parkway, 20 min to Chimney Rock State Park

All of this AND a special bonus coaching offer...

If you attend this retreat as a VIP, you will receive a private coaching package to work one-on-one with me at an extremely discounted rate!

To become a VIP, apply for the coaching program before the retreat. As a VIP retreat guest, you will also receive a special VIP waterfall hike and lunch with me to conclude your trip!


25% off a 3 or 6-month coaching package



15% off your next retreat!

Sound good?

Apply for free here.

Okay but here is the catch...
Lodging for the retreat is super limited...

We only have 7 rooms available for registration. Only two of them are private rooms with one bed. The rest of the 5 rooms have two beds.

This means you either get a huge room to yourself, or you bring a friend, date, family member, or team member.

We are asking for $958 per room in order to make sure we provide the most outstanding and expansive retreat experience we can provide you while making it super affordable.

If you discover you can't come up to 2 week before the retreat we promise you a full refund, no questions asked. If you have an emergency at any point, we will give you a full refund. If you decide you are having a horrible time (which we seriously doubt will happen, or huge shame on us), you will get a full refund.


Sliding scale payments will be considered! 


Please send an email to for any questions.

I will respond to you as quickly as possible. 

You can learn more about the retreat site by visiting

Address and directions, pack list, and final itinerary will be provided after registration

Lodging is Limited! Only 7 rooms available
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Your Retreat Host

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Raileigh Duschen is a best-selling author and poet sharing her expertise on consciousness, alignment, and integrity. She is also the founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching, a sacred space for those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality. She offers guidance through authentic embodiment and deep present awareness to catalyze significant lifestyle changes that align with higher vision, greater purpose, and life fulfillment.

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