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Life purpose Actualization
Exclusive Coaching Group
With Raileigh Duschen

There Are Only Ever 20 Members In The Life Purpose Actualization Group - If You're Seeing This Page Then There Are Spots Open!

You are here because you have a greater vision.

Perhaps you are on a deeply healing journey, climbing huge mountains in self-development, or perhaps simply seeking more meaning and purpose in your life.

Finding support on your journey is key to a highly transformed life.

To see if we are a good match (that is, if I can effectively serve you, and you can most benefit from me) please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If it turns out we are not a good fit for each other, I you peace, joy, and prosperity on your journey forward!

However, I pray that I can support you and cannot wait to connect with the incredible human being reading this who is clearly on a mission to better themselves and the world.

Stay blessed,

Raileigh Duschen


You Are Just 1 Step Away!
Fill Out The Brief Application Below Before We Are 100% Full!

Thank you for your submission! I will review your application and if I think we're a good match, I will email you to set up a full interview! I will do my best to get back to you within 24-48 business hours. When you receive an email for an interview this doesn't guarantee you'll be accepted, but it'll give us a chance to get to know each other and get started on this journey ASAP!

What others are saying:

"Raileigh was a wonderful coach for me when I was just beginning a very big transitionary period in my life. Before starting our coaching sessions, I felt overwhelmed with my life and it was difficult to find motivation to really take control. I was going through a spiritual awakening while dealing with severe anxiety and was looking for a new path. Raileigh provided a 100% supportive and judgement-free space for me to express my thoughts and feelings so that we could both take a closer, collaborative look at what was going on in my head. We were able to acknowledge and get to the root of my most pressing issues and develop a unique self-care plan to tackle these issues. Raileigh has a lot of knowledge and experience in self-development and I learned some really useful coping mechanisms and acts of self-care through our coaching sessions. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is feeling doubtful, insecure, anxious, and needs help finding their inner light again!"



“As a life coach myself, I know the benefits of having support and guidance through life. For myself, I reached out to Raileigh at a critical time in my life. A time where I’m healing from a relationship ending. Meditation has always been challenging for me, but since my session, I have been intentional about taking time to sit still and reflect. Raileigh walked me through a visionary prompt and although I didn’t know what to expect, it was so good to be able to see things I didn’t think I would be made aware of. As a coach, Raileigh did a great job of asking questions and allowing me the space and safe place to answer and discover ideas, concepts and emotions that naturally surfaced during the session. What I loved most about Raileigh’s approach is that we didn’t just talk about things and discover things, but it was followed up with an action plan or steps to take to aid in my continual healing process and self love journey. These steps have been helpful in me staying focused on the clarity and peace I desire. If you need a safe place to express what is going on in your life and want guidance and support in discovering certain areas and take steps towards better living, I recommend you attend a session."


North Carolina

"Raileigh holds impeccable space for healing. For such a young person, her abilities make it very clear she is an old soul. Her heart is pure.

I took part in a retreat she facilitated last month in the Asheville area. It was so nourishing and in the flow of Spirit. Also, check out her book Phoenix Medicines."

-Kimberly Hughes, M.S.Ed., CHt., CIRS

Founder, Sacred Self Living

 "I received more clarity than I could've ever imagined. I had no idea that my time with Raileigh would help me so much and expand the vision for my life. I met with her having a few ideas, little inklings, and sparks here and there but she helped me to see that they were so much more and that when seen in the right light, a vision and a path became clear. So I truly appreciated that guidance and having someone to see the vision in its entirety as it emerged and unfolded. The worksheets and questions that I was given to answer helped me be more thorough and drawn out with whatever we had touched on during the calls. I know that they are something I can return to, to remind myself of certain things we may have covered and even expand upon; as things change. I would say the most impactful resource was just being able to have those conversations with her, being asked deep-tough questions, and having the opportunity to do shadow work, process, and "slow down" as more and more became known. I've gained a lot more confidence and trust — in myself and the universe — that came from the clarity of being aligned with purpose and path. I'm stepping into owning it honoring what I've gained and learning to take me forward in life. Beyond grateful to have come across this opportunity, it was what I needed and didn't know I was looking for. I just took that leap and I see how it led me to the next stage in my journey and I wouldn't have wanted to be any other way. I had an amazing time in the short time that I spent and got to know Raileigh. I'm grateful for the moments we shared, the conversations we had and the love she poured."



" I am more firm on the path I want to take in life. Which was not clear before. Thanks to Raileigh, she has been a great guide. Every day I make the bold steps to walk into the vision of my life. It's a daily discovery journey. I have received tools to reflect on and journal about. A mindset shift and lifestyle changes that I can implement daily to become more of who I am supposed to be.  I am confident in myself. More positive about my life and especially my future. This experience has left a mark on my life. I have found beauty in my life. I have become someone beautiful, brave and confident. I began to see my worth and now I know that I deserve better and I can live a fulfilling life as God has planned for me. I now see the gift I have for the world, the light I have, and with this knowledge, my purpose is to help others and be a light in this world and help people become their authentic versions and not settle for less. This has been truly astounding and a transformational experience. Thank you Raileigh, you are a gift to this world."



"Had an AMAZING experience with Raileigh Duschen who is a conscious lifestyle coach. I pulled my lower back back trying to be cute the other day. Thought I was signing up to learn how to stretch my back and ended up having a God moment! I felt so in LOVE with me and inspired to use the exercise routine and breathing techniques she taught me. With prayer, meditation, and these stretches I’ve been in the mirror like….
The best form of self~Love is actually admitting there is a problem then giving yourself the opportunity to heal. After you have healed you better not run to the foolishness! Look at the GLO thoooo!!"

- N.W. 

North Carolina

"I have gained an awareness on what was blocking my purpose. I feel so grateful and so ready to thrive with my new tools. I joined this community at a very fragile time in my life. Looking for direction. And…Honestly, I could not possibly think of a better experience to be had. when going through transformations, having support is super important and I would not have asked for a better Coach! Coach Raileigh was patient, and attentive and gave such constructive guidance, it feels like magic. Thank you from every ounce of my being!! I have now built the confidence I need to help others. You hold us accountable and that is exactly what we need! Thank you."


Pacific Coast, United States

"Good timing. Finally worked through a major energy block thanks to some help from Raileigh Duschen...i f you're dealing with energy blocks or difficult situations in your life, Raileigh is an excellent life coach with excellent spiritual guidance skills".
"It's all beginning to make sense in the spirit realm. The universe is there to open your understanding to the gift within you. Thanks for the Energy Recalibration work sheet. Complex but an essential tool for opening up discussion to discovering the best way to proceed in unblocking whatever it is that's prevents you from letting go and completing trusting the universe to bring you healing in whatever it is you may need. Raleigh has been pretty transparent concerning how she wants to be a vehicle of light to help others come to know theirs. I highly would recommend any one interested in finding a means to better understand how being aware of oneself through The Most High Kind of love (self-discovery and reflection) can truly find bring peace and happiness to your well being."
"Raileigh was just the support and friend I needed—just at the right time. With her genuine kindness and sincerity, she gently, sweetly guided me to my own inner truths. Through deep listening with love, and just the right questions and reflections, she helped me discover, and remember, that which fuels my unique heart towards deeper fulfillment, deep trust, and the deepest peace. I cherish the time we shared. I believe she is divinely inspired and is answering her special call to service through this work and wherever else she is led. I am infinitely grateful for Raileigh and her willingness to share her soft, yet potent medicine."
North Carolina

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