About  Raileigh

Who am I?

I can fill this page (and I have) justifying all that I am to you, and all I have achieved in my short lifespan here on earth.

I am not going to do that here, any longer.

If you wish to know, I am a spiritual healer and guide. I am a poet and writer on all things wild, spiritual, conscious, sacred, healing, and mystifying. I am simply just a woman who dove deep into her sacred femininity. I am not special, I am just honest. If you want to learn more about who I am, what I do, and what I have done prior to working with me, give me a call, lets talk. 

I have always walked with Spirit, and I only seek to share the lessons and tools from my own life walk. The amount of souls I have guided towards Love may probably reach into the thousands at this point, and I know I am destined to reach millions.

I only seek to remind you that you are a divine spiritual being who came to this Earth, to have this Earth-walk, with a purpose...a sacred intention. We all come with gifts of Spirit, and when you align and discover yours you begin to shift the frequency of our planet towards more love, more peace, more light. You are so important. 

When our realities begin to crumble before us, it is a beautiful thing! To our human senses it looks like struggle and defeat, but to Spirit, the portal opens to all things possible. You have a choice: remain as you are...or to evolve into the powerful and conscious spiritual being you really are!

Change is the only constant. As you endure your season of change, understand that it is also a season of awakening, of birth from death of all that you are... to the truth of who you really are, and who you are becoming. It can be absolutely terrifying to face the darkness of the unknown. Trust me, I walk through it often. But there is light at the end of this tunnel. I carry a lamp to walk with you, just to remind you in the end, that you are that light you seek. 

If you need support during this time of transition in your life, understand that it is, at the same time, a death and rebirth of life as you know it and you have two choices: succumb to fear or empower with love. 

If you are ready to walk in absolute faith and courage, discover your soul mission, awaken your spirit, embody your highest love, and contribute your light energy to the world, I am here for you. 

Love and light,

Raileigh Duschen

Transformation Coach

Guiding those transitioning through significant life change, spiritual awakening, and death


Raileigh Duschen is a certified yoga and meditation guide through the Santosha Yoga Institute. She specializes in vinyasa and viniyoga, and emphasizes her teachings upon the significance of the breath and deep transformative awareness of mind, body, soul, and Spirit. 

The modalities and inspiration behind Raileigh's guidance, coaching, retreats, writings, and all her offerings, derive from extensive studies and training of the philosophy of Yoga, wilderness guiding, farming, martial arts, and Christian ministry.

At the age of 25, Raileigh is a published author and poet, social activist, public speaker, model, digital content producer, and business executive in the space of the outdoor industry and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. 

Raileigh possesses a B.S. in Family and Child Sciences and an academic portfolio of study in psychology, mental health, social justice, western medicine, and family and child development from Florida State University.

Gardening, exploring wild nature, meditating, writing, cooking, practicing yoga, deepening prayer, are some of the realms you may find her.

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