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Below is a collection of my independent published works.

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book cover of Phoenix Medicines

Phoenix Medicines—A Transformative Journey Through Consciousness, is a collection of poetry, short stories, meditations, affirmations, and prayers of a young and astute woman of color empowering her way to freedom through life's struggles as a young adult. Navigating through poverty, abuse, identity crisis, and disease leads her to leave her promising medical school seat behind in Florida and embark on a transformative and wild journey to find her peace of mind, body, and spirit as a farmer and business entrepreneur within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Raileigh's writing is sweetly soulful, authentically sincere, courageously honest, and intuitively artistic in expression. Phoenix Medicines will be that dear friend on your bookshelf when you need an encouraging and loving word to face the world and choose your most authentic Path. This book will elevate and change your life.

Woman meditating by waterfall
woman holding a fig


Have you ever slept by a babbling brook?

Did the sound of the cicadas lull you to sleep?

Have you ever bathed in a waterfall–naked?

Or stained your hands pink and purple with fresh berries

Right off the path,

A little sun-kissed snack

With a black bear?

Have you ever dulled the itch of irritation with a plantain leaf

Or ignited a fire from steel and stone?

Have you ever smelled the mountain mist the first morning after a storm?

Have you ever witnessed the birth of spring after winter?

Have you ever dressed a salad with wildflowers?

Been kissed by a butterfly

Saved in the river

Seen from the eagle's eye

Chased a sunset with horses

Dug potatoes from the earth?

Has life fed you?

Have you lived?

Excerpt from Phoenix Medicines – A Transformative Journey Through Consciousness by Raileigh Duschen


Book Reviews

"If you are ready to transform your life then Phoenix Medicines is a great place to start. Raileigh Duschen creates a delightful, flowing path for the reader to set off on a spiritual healing journey, inspired by her own story of overcoming and blossoming. The topics she covers are trusted methods for self-development and inner healing. But, it is her poetry that speaks to the heart in a way that transcends learning and understanding to a place of deep knowing, a true salve for the soul."

- Cynthia Phelps, PhD

Founder, InnerAlly

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