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Books by Raileigh Duschen

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What others are saying:

"If you are ready to transform your life then Phoenix Medicines is a great place to start. Raileigh Duschen creates a delightful, flowing path for the reader to set off on a spiritual healing journey, inspired by her own story of overcoming and blossoming. The topics she covers are trusted methods for self-development and inner healing. But, it is her poetry that speaks to the heart in a way that transcends learning and understanding to a place of deep knowing, a true salve for the soul."

-Cynthia Phelps, PhD

Founder, Inner Ally

"Reading your book was like a punch in the gut.

It hit home with such an immediacy that I was in disbelief.

There is such a richness in thought on every page that I find you can read the same passages over and over and still get the same sense of purpose in equal measure if not more so.

It’s also obvious that you have lived the type of experiences where the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger’ applies, so I can appreciate the truth you speak from.

I realize in your writing that at certain junctures your writing is from a feminist perspective, but for the most part, I find you speak to universal truths that resonate with me and should resonate with most human beings, full stop."

-Letter from a reader

"This book doesn't contain fluff or useless tactics, but instead shares potent stories that remind us of how many brave, authentic, and inspiring people there are out there. At first I was a little hesitant because I'm a male, and this book appeared to be only for women, but I was wrong. It's for anyone who wants to better their lives by reading concise, interesting stories about people who have done so. Lastly, I do love how the book doesn't skip financial fulfillment considering it's such a large component of our lives. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to quickly get to the core of what it means to live a meaningful life."


Amazon book review

"This read is like having a structure to self care and mental health balance at a time when this is most needed. The short and informative collection of chapters by a variety of incredibly clear and gifted authors is a fantastic resource for guidance through many challenges facing us in the upheaval of everyday life, in this moment. I found it useful to return to again and again when needing structure of focus on my own and others issues, that require presence, and mindful activation to move through. A strong recommendation for this collection to anyone wanting to take on their emotional mastery in this time of great challenge we are facing everyday."


Amazon book review

"The stories in this book reveal, amplify, and inspire us to dig deep and consider everything that wellness can be, and invite us to become more skillful in nurturing not only our own wellness but the wellness of our families, communities, and the world. Through a diverse collection of author experiences and backgrounds, we are given a rich tapestry to explore the many facets of wellness. The lens of diverse experiences is, IMHO, critical to understand when we consider what wellness really means -- and why it's worth the effort to attain. I'm a person whose life journey has led me to take more interest in my own wellness, but even so there is always more to learn -- and the best way to do that is to venture beyond the scope of what is familiar, and to listen to other voices, see other perspectives. I learned a lot from this collection, from the respected authors and their stories -- and highly recommend it to everyone.

-Bright Wings

Amazon book review

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