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Free conscious lifestyle resources for your journey

I understand that you may not be ready to invest in coaching services, retreats, or books. 

Here you may find free articles, videos, a resource catalog, and the registration link to attend the monthly group coaching call, the Medicine Garden.

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From uplifting and deep poetry, conscious business advice, healing inspirations, life recipes, and simply honest thoughts, learn more about the personal and professional life of Raileigh Duschen and the lessons shared on the journey. 


Browse the discourse collection of Sacred Reminders by Raileigh Duschen. Dive deeper into the wisdom and meaning of life, love, and purpose with thought-provoking discussion, authentic story-telling, and guided meditations.

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Image by Shane Rounce

Group Coaching

Join us once a month for a free group coaching call called The Medicine Garden. This is your opportunity to ask questions and recieve while in sacred space with others around the world who are on the journey with you. 

Community Catalog

Explore the exclusive listing of teachers, guides, and healers personally vetted by Raileigh Duschen. Whether you do or do not personally coach with Raileigh, this listing will provide you with diverse and expert opportunity to find the support you need. 

Image by Ferenc Horvath
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