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Meditation, detox, and prayer:

Conscious Strategies for Visionaries on the Rise

woman meditating

Pure and perfect? I call BS. When we imprison ourselves to an ideal that can never be obtainable except by God, we dig our hole even deeper. But when we look at sacred tools as they are, just tools and pathways for more wholeness and clarity, we gift our human selves much more grace and success. Meditation, detox, and prayer are meant to be a private conversation on our spiritual journey towards higher evolution of not just body, but mind and soul. Once we put material expectations on ourselves while using these ancient medicines, they immediately become poison to our hearts. These tools must be made with the intention of love for self and no-self. Let’s discuss how to use these medicines in ways that are easily achievable for anyone, no matter where they are on the journey of self-development, healing, or spirituality. 

You do not have to hike your nearest mountain top to meditate - however, I have done this and it is wonderful! It is also necessary to admit that, it is extremely difficult to jump into meditation for more than 10 minutes if we have not trained our brain like a muscle to be able to sit in stillness. All meditation is focused on awareness. This means you can begin your meditation journey simply by washing dishes in silence and returning your attention to the soap and water whenever the mind begins to stray again. As you progress in your journey - whether you are a seasoned meditator or not, you gradually decrease the stimuli until you can sit in awareness in your body, completely focused on your breathing. Advanced meditators can tap into a transcendence state after this, where you become aware of beyond the self into oneness with all– but that is a discussion for another day. But like said, even if you are an advanced practitioner, this is your reminder to also give yourself grace in your practice. 

Detox is a sensitive topic, and it is true that it can become abused which is why I find it especially important to discuss here. Please remember that detoxing and fasting are very ancient tools our ancestors have used for centuries to heal the body of diseases and to prepare the human vessel to be more receptive to spiritual downloads, higher dimensional guidance, and freedom from human suffering. In this context here, I would like to advise the conscious use of detoxing in harmony with the concept of balance. Just balance. You do not need to go out and buy superfood supplements and antioxidants such as sea moss gel and spirulina to immediately achieve health results (but are amazing to try when you have the financial comforts and medical advisement to do so). If you have spent the holidays drinking alcohol, smoking, eating heavy meat, fried food, and sugar, then at the very least spend 24 to 72 hours in full sobriety and begin implementing more fluids and vegetables into your diet, which is plenty enough to help you start feeling wonderful again.

Finally, prayer… whether you are religious or not, if you are reading this then you must believe in something. In this context, I am going to refer to that something as Love. If you believe in Love as the higher orchestration of the Universe, then you must begin to speak love, first unto yourself and then over the lives of others. Even when you have nothing to say, if anything, and daily, give thanks for another day to be here alive. I also believe in magic and miracles, and when I ask that Love to show me how to be a vessel for more love on this planet, I have certainly become a first witness. It is not every day that we feel called to spend more than a few seconds in prayer–sometimes we can be called for hours and days! Surrender to that call, and always return to the home of peace within when you stray too far away. Make Love out of life and you will find that you become the answered prayer.

If you are a visionary - meaning that you have been receiving information from higher realms to create something important in this world, then I encourage you to make meditation, detox, and prayer a daily practice, and ultimately, a lifetime of consistent discipline. Clarity and peace of mind are important for your success in your season of transformation. The physical body and the material world around you will shape-shift according to the vibrations that you first generate and cultivate within. These sacred tools are not meant to punish the body for being human but to remind the self that it can access power, healing, and knowledge from dimensions beyond fear and human ego. When we tune in to higher vibrations, it allows us to be the co-creator of beautiful visions and the most fulfilling life with vibrancy, health, and radiance. 

Peace and blessings,

Raileigh Duschen

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