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Watch Welcome Video from Raileigh Duschen

Okay, so now what?

I would like to share with you a special welcome gift package which includes:

  • A free ebook download of Phoenix Medicines - A Transformative Journey Through Consciousness

  • A 45-minute one-on-one coaching discovery call with me

  • 15% discount for the next healing retreat

What others are saying:

"If you are ready to transform your life then Phoenix Medicines is a great place to start. Raileigh Duschen creates a delightful, flowing path for the reader to set off on a spiritual healing journey, inspired by her own story of overcoming and blossoming. The topics she covers are trusted methods for self-development and inner healing. But, it is her poetry that speaks to the heart in a way that transcends learning and understanding to a place of deep knowing, a true salve for the soul."

-Cynthia Phelps, PhD

Founder, Inner Ally

"Reading your book was like a punch in the gut.

It hit home with such an immediacy that I was in disbelief.

There is such a richness in thought on every page that I find you can read the same passages over and over and still get the same sense of purpose in equal measure if not more so.

It’s also obvious that you have lived the type of experiences where the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger’ applies, so I can appreciate the truth you speak from.

I realize in your writing that at certain junctures your writing is from a feminist perspective, but for the most part, I find you speak to universal truths that resonate with me and should resonate with most human beings, full stop."

-Letter from a reader

"Raileigh holds impeccable space for healing. For such a young person, her abilities make it very clear she is an old soul. Her heart is pure.

I took part in a retreat she facilitated last month in the Asheville area. It was so nourishing and in the flow of Spirit. Also, check out her book Phoenix Medicines."

-Kimberly Hughes, M.S.Ed., CHt., CIRS

Founder, Sacred Self Living

"Thank you for a wonderful time of sharing and meditation last evening. The pathway to awareness is such an illuminating journey and you make such a space and encouraging space for those who join. Thank you for being a willing vessel of light and healing and for helping us all to embrace our light as we move into our purpose!"


New Jersey, United States

"This is a testament to your great work and the calling you have in your life - Helping people find the light. 

You are a blessing. This is very intentional and timely getting to cross path with you and meeting you. 

Truly expectant of transformation in this connection."



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