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Insight to Promotion: How Self-Observation Can Boost Your Career

Your genuine happiness is serious business.

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During the final series of zoom calls with the last company I worked for, I found myself unable to speak. The stress in my body had progressed to the point that every time I ate, drank water, or spoke, the acid in my stomach would cause me to choke and struggle to breathe. For months before I got to this point, I knew it was time to leave the company, but I was passionate and loyal to the mission. They treated me so well, and the salary was amazing–I was comfortable, elevating in the industry, and having fun. What more could I ask for? The company’s vision became so personal to me, I could not accept that it was time for me to leave the team and devote myself fully to my own company. Who am I, and how could I be ready to run a business by myself?

When Spirit knocks at the door, you cannot ignore it for very long. This is how I regard the manifestation of physical illness: it is always a warning signal and call to your mind, saying, “SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. YOU MUST CHANGE NOW.” However, it did not seem logical for me to quit my job at all. On the surface, everything was perfect. But because the company's vision was not the vision God had for ME, it was not aligned with my soul. The more I pushed and forced myself into a position that —though I was good at—was not my true calling in life, then the more my health deteriorated.

Stress, worry, and anxiety are tools for success, and we must listen to the signs our body is speaking to us. Alternatively we can numb ourselves and self medicate, but ultimately our soul suffers in the end. We lose our shine and our joy for life. We become dependent on drugs and chemicals to fill voids and tame our bodies to a lifestyle we think is right because it is good and safe. We surrender our dreams and prayers to social systems and careers, and make the world our idol, instead of the Highest Cosmic Love of the Universe and Beyond.

How do we find the courage to listen to the spiritual knocking and honor our bodies when they are in pain? First we must be brave enough to observe and acknowledge and look at our pain instead of turning away. It is difficult to accept that we are sometimes responsible for our own pain and suffering. To be honest with you, I allowed myself to get sick because I was addicted to the stress. I have always prided myself on my ability to handle and lead in high-risk, high-stress environments, academics, and now careers–it became my identity to thrive in chaos.

Now I am reclaiming my identity and soul’s true joy, and I have been healing. It was sad to leave one world behind, but this new world I am creating allows me to breathe easier, and my body is thankful. Most of all, I know I am serving my highest calling and purpose and I am rewarded every day even greater because I am building with integrity and peace.

May you have the courage to honor your soul call, put your health first, and fall back in love with your authentic self if you are not heading that way already. Just take it one day at a time, and enjoy the journey without taking it so seriously. Self observation can boost your career to higher places. Your genuine happiness is serious business.

Raileigh Duschen

Raileigh Duschen is an author, poet, speaker, healer, and founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching is a sacred space for those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality. Through significant lifestyle changes, authentic embodiment, and deep present awareness, we are able to collectively transition and ascend to our highest and chosen life paths.

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