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Presented by Raileigh Duschen, Founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching, published author, public speaker, certified healer 

Workshops are uniquely designed for professional teams and organized groups desiring to inspire, motivate, and empower a healing company culture or group mission. 

Example Topics We May Cover:


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I am the synapse between pathways of connection. 


I am the bridge between understanding.

- "Compassion," from Phoenix Medicines - A Transformative Journey Through Consciousness by Raileigh Duschen


What Clients Say

"I had the joy of working with Raileigh in the lead up to and during the Organic Growers School Spring Conference earlier this year, at which she was a speaker. She brought compassion and kindness to all of our interactions, and made it easy for me as a coordinator to work with her. In her class, she also provided something that we rarely have at the Conference: an opportunity for farmers and growers to ground themselves in their bodies and reconnect to why they do what they do. While most of our workshops have to do with practical skills for growing food, it was invaluable to have a class that brought in the spiritual connections we have to the land, to ourselves, and to our history. I had a participant come find me at the conference to let me know that it was his favorite class, and that he had experienced a breakthrough moment during the workshop with Raileigh. She has so much to offer the world, and I can't wait to see what she does with this book and beyond."
- The Organic Growers School
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