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Journey Within: A Retreat for Inner Guidance and Restoration

November 10-12, 2023

Black Mountain, North Carolina

Join us for a transformative retreat weekend


Retreat Hosts

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Dr. Cynthia Phelps is the founder of InnerAlly: transforming your inner voice so you can thrive in work and life. She is an international speaker, mindfulness instructor, mobile app developer, coach, inner-compassion fan girl, and wiener dog mom. 


Raileigh Duschen is the founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching, a sacred space for those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality. She is a certified yoga and meditation guide, author, poet, and public speaker. 

Lodging is Limited
The Journey 

We will gather in a sacred and nurturing space to self-reflect, reconnect with ourselves, and be in community with others. Guided by professional facilitators, we'll immerse in natural therapies, mindfulness exercises, and deep introspection. Experience the serenity of forest baths and meditative journeys to cultivate inner peace and empowerment. This retreat also focuses on recognizing core emotional needs and honing self-awareness to best serve you as you go back out into the world and into the holiday season. Whether you are seeking personal growth, emotional balance, or a renewed sense of calm, this retreat serves as a self-guided platform for a more fulfilled and harmonious life.

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The Medicine 

  1. Deep relaxation and restoration in sacred nature

  2. Inner revelations on what you truly need in your life

  3. Meditative practices for peace and empowerment

  4. Meeting the self without judgment

  5. A better relationship with your inner dialog

  6. Expression of your most authentic self

  7. Deeper connection with others and yourself

  8. Self-discovery and clarity for your path forward 

What's Included
  • Two nights in scenic Mountain Lodge

  • Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast

    • (healthy, vibrant meals)

  • Numerous riverside hiking trails

  • Guided yoga and sound bath 

  • A tranquil meditation pond

  • Healing Labyrinth walk

  • Sacred geometric light dome

  • Nightly bonfire and acoustics 

  • Light meditation room

  • Phoenix Medicines by Raileigh

  • Deck of InnerAlly Cards 

  • Discounted coaching packages to keep the transformation going!

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Register Below

$479 all expenses paid (per person) 

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What to Expect

  • Deep relaxation in sacred nature

  • Inner revelations on your core needs

  • Serenity via meditative practices

  • Meeting yourself without judgment

  • A kind inner support system

  • Expression of your authentic self

  • Clarity for your path forward

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