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When You Let Go

Updated: May 6, 2023

Maybe the Universe knows what is truly best for you? Maybe... it is not about what you WANT but what you NEED!

woman standing on top of a mountain

"If you really look into the subtlety of life, you will see that everything you

dream of and search for is already within and around you, but you were so

caught up in your own ego-cultivated images of your desires that you

neglected the fact it is the universe that is the architect, and you, are only the

painter. There is color all around–all that you need is here already! You were handed

a canvas and some paint. Start illustrating. Start creating" –excerpt from my book, Phoenix Medicines–A Transformative Journey Through Consciousness.

I had this dream months ago –well, maybe a nightmare. I don't dream often, so when I do, they tend to be significant for me. They linger in my consciousness all my life. In the dream, I was fighting this big and faceless giant. We fought for what seemed like hours. I remember coming to the realization as we battled that I was not going to defeat or escape this enemy and accepting my destruction was imminent.

But as soon as I surrendered, the giant embraced me in a hug. As if saying – "Ah, finally! I have been waiting for you to stop fighting me!" I remember this confused relief washed over me as an owl flew over us... and I woke up. I am no dream specialist, but I do recognize the wisdom this dream shared with me, and what my spiritual guidance was trying to tell me....

There is ALSO courage and strength when you surrender to your enemy. My enemy has always been control. I fear losing control, and I fear failure that comes with it. But, if I surrender to my situation… if I let the Universe, God, my Higher Guidance IN, if I let myself be loved, if I let myself trust, if I really and truly have faith... if I let go... I will receive. If anything, I receive wisdom and insight in my failures and mistakes. I can forgive myself. I can move on to the other side of my fears, and find out when I get there, that there was love yet still waiting for me.

With understanding,

Your Transformation Coach

Raileigh Duschen

Guiding those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality

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