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Soul Call: What Is It and Can You Trust It?

Oh, snap. The urge to do something BIG, like something REALLY REALLY BIG…but the “something” is still…questionable?

woman praying at the river
woman praying at the river

What is the soul call… but perhaps the coming of pivotal moments in your life that truly define who you are.

This requires that, first: you know who you are at your core. Second – that you are willing to make moves in the face of all external forces of doubt, fear, or obstacle. Here lies the hesitation… can you trust the call?

I am here to help lift some burdens on your soul right now.

Understand that the big choices you make are only scary because you are facing yourself and only yourself. No running, no hiding, no blaming. You have full accountability and responsibility in this place. This is called FREEDOM. When was the last time you felt the untethering?

Feel crazy? Do you not understand why you have this desire? Do you feel guilty for having it? Are you scared to crave and want? Do you question where the source of this fire comes from? What is holy, and what is evil?

These are good questions.

Here is what’s happening:

You are beginning to merge into spiritual alignment. You are awakening. You are unraveling all illusions and false identities. This is greater LOVE calling you to answer. How do you know? Because it is YOU calling yourself home! Your inner Divine Guidance has returned - congratulations. Allow it. You are in your most intimate and private space with God right now, how beautiful.

Rest assured, that nothing is certain or permanent. Only Love has that kind of privilege.

Do you hear me?

What is True… is that the most unifying and powerful force ever known is living inside your chest and storming in your mind.

A force greater than ALL THINGS; over all evil.

Your greatest fear is not the failure of outcome, of justice, or of judgment. Your greatest fear is actually that you won’t answer this call. That you will miss it.

You fear that the wrong choice will lead you on an imprisoned and condemned path of descent. Well, if you are battling with your soul right now, if fear is consuming you, then you are already there. The only way is up. The only thing left to do is rise!

I am here to tell you that you cannot miss what already belongs to you. You are whole and complete right here and now, and this feeling, this sensation, this void, this huge question hovering over you…is whether or not you can really believe that.

Yes! Believe! Believe it. Trust it!

You are remembering who you really are.

You are remembering your soul mission on Earth.

You are remembering that everything in your life has led up to this moment for you to recognize the power in your choice to choose yourself. To choose God’s will and plan for your life. It has nothing to do with you, and yet everything to do with you.

Surrender to the Love, dear one.

Answer the Soul Call.

Trust yourself.

2:22 on the Clock

A desire to heal, yet no doctor nor therapist may cure

I am that I am

A desire to love, and yet not here nor there will do

I am that I am

A desire to thrive, but neither this or that will get me there

I am that I am

A desire to know, now or later - I do not care

For I am that


More and more and more and …

With love, for unity and connection,

Raileigh Duschen

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