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Unspoken Agony: the Quiet Emotional Struggles We Universally Face

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Chin up, warm smile, strong shoulders – this is the armor of a spiritual warrior.

spiritual warrior

We have chosen this battle, and to lead this front. We are the ones you turn to for comfort, for love, to remind you to don your armor once more. Few things feel less natural to us than being courageously and consistently loving. Our words ignite inspiration, our hands offer support, and our love rouses awakening. In biting cold, we share our warmth, and in our starvation, we will feed you.

Love is the mark of a spiritual warrior. They do not ask for repayment, and hardly do they ask you for help–though you have tried, they rarely ever let you. When a spiritual warrior does allow you to nurse their wounds, you feel a deep privilege and honor. You understand how vulnerable it is for them to reveal to you that they are weak, and you are proud to be able to be the one to help the person who helps all others. It shocks you to discover that the most loving and affectionate person you know can also be the one who receives the least.

Devotion to the spiritual warrior is never upon request; you simply find your heart encaptured, and you want to love the one who loves so deeply. It may seem like you can never give back enough. You witness a being radiating so full of light and love, but perhaps only you can perceive how tired those eyes are and how heavy those hands ache from serving too much. You want to take their hands in yours, so they can rest for a moment and receive. Or are you inadvertently drawing strength from them? You are unsure, you are just grateful for the connection, and that someone so beautiful can really exist before you, and you have access to them. Sometimes, despite the undeniable unconditional love you know exists, you are hesitant to call them, even though you know that when you do, love always answers on the other end and you will laugh at yourself for feeling so afraid and puerile to reach them. You can always reach them, for they are always reaching for you. They are an angel in your dark sky. In the fields they battle around you, always protecting you and cloaking you before you can even see what is coming. They are your spiritual guides, brothers, and sisters, always carrying you to the other side of the ravine that haunts you. They are your daily salvation in a cold and hard world, and they will burn it all down for your one soul.

You, my spiritual warrior, too must rest when you are tired and you have labored quiet emotional struggles. Don’t you, beautiful soul who serves all others, also deserve loving kindness, and for someone to fight behind you? If you do not see your spiritual army, know we are here, and we march alongside you. We have a great big mission that lies ahead, to love this Earth. But you are also an important vessel for divine light and life, so I ask that you allow me, and others, to fight for you, and to love you just as equally.

Speak to me, share with me your suffocations so we may both breathe a little lighter. Pass to me the burdens you carry on your shoulders so that we can both walk and dance. Eat with me and be still for a moment, so that these fleeting moments, these precious moments, do not run from us so quickly, but make a home in our hearts for a while first. Allow me to squeeze the tension and fear from your limbs, and kiss the worried lines from your face. And before you leave, have one more glass of water so that you are not thirsty before you arrive where you must go next.

Raileigh Duschen

Raileigh Duschen is an author, poet, speaker, healer, and founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching is a sacred space for those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality. Through significant lifestyle changes, authentic embodiment, and deep present awareness, we are able to collectively transition and ascend to our highest and chosen life paths.

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