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Taking a leap of faith

Updated: May 6, 2023

Do you ever feel like your life is screaming at you, trying to tell you that the path you're on isn't where it's supposed to be?

woman hiking alone by waterfall

I gave up medical school dreams and became a farmer and entrepreneur instead. Why did I do it? Because everything in my life was screaming at me–this is not my destiny!

I have always been extremely ambitious. I wanted perfect grades and I wanted success. I wanted to break free of generational curses of poverty and illness. I thought that to become that somebody, I had to be a lawyer or doctor. Upon graduating high school I received a prestigious scholarship that would streamline me to a successful path as a medical student. I made sure, before I even stepped onto a college campus, that I set my future for success. But life doesn't always go as planned.

As I was preparing for medical school entry my health started to decline rapidly. I was so stressed that I was throwing up everyday and I could not even hold a pencil in my hand without severe shakes. My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and depression and put me on medications to control my muscle spasms. How ironic was it, that I was killing myself so that I could help heal people.

I surrendered my medical school dreams and recalled my dreams since I was 15 to move to the mountains and to spend my days swimming in waterfalls, writing poetry, having community meals in the garden, practicing yoga on mountain tops, and growing delicious organic fruits and vegetables. In 2019, I left college and moved by myself, with $200 in my pocket, to the mountains of Western North Carolina to a homesteading farm.

In four months while on the farm, I was off medications and started developing the tools to grow my own business in which I would help people make significant lifestyle changes they needed to embody their most healthiest and empowered self. Now three years later, I am an executive in the outdoor industry focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to open doors to a career and lifestyle that allows for deep presence, connection, adventure, and holistic health. I am now looking to buy and operate my own homestead farm. I just hired a social media manager for Conscious Lifestyle Coaching. I am living the dream. MY dream I had when I was 15 years old. And I will continue on my most authentic path and inspire others like me, who may not feel ready, but are willing, to take a leap of faith and live the life that is truly meant for them.

Conscious Lifestyle Coaching is a platform for self-development, healing, and spirituality through profound awareness of one's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of being. We inspire, motivate, and empower deep knowing and learning of one's True Self. From this awareness, or awakened consciousness, we can then set intentional action steps and goals to transform our lives to live our dreams and become our Highest Selves. In your coaching sessions, we will have intentional conversation and reflection, and learn unique and integrative tools of Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to achieve your goals with active embodiment.

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