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I got myself lost in the desert...

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

What my journey taught me about self love and forgiveness.

A few weeks ago I was stuck in the desert at Zion National Park during a heat wave of 118 degrees on the verge of collapse, with the nearest help a few miles down a road I didn't have the strength to walk.

But for some reason, call it faith or delusion as you may, I knew I was going to be okay. So I sat there and I waited, with no expectation except to rest and prepare for my journey ahead.

No panic or fear, just complete and utter presence and surrender to my situation.

Suddenly, help came with friendly faces (and a car) and for the first time, I hitchhiked my way back to safety with the trust of strangers.

I had the idea in my head that I, being an avid hiker from the East, would be able to hike an unknown trail for several miles, in the desert heat of summer, never having been out West a day in my life.