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A Sacred Quest: Finding Community On YOUR Spiritual Path

Is it safe to trust others on a spiritual journey?

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Let me challenge your fears when it comes to discovering belonging and unconditional love with others who see and honor your true soul and authenticity. Blood family is a precious gift, but so are the families that we create by choice and serendipity. As we walk our truest paths, deeper and deeper within, we begin to find others who have been journeying alongside us across the pond the whole time! What a treasure it is too, to find other humans who share similar revelations, dreams, and interests you have never shared with anyone. It will seem as if God/Source/Spirit/Universe/Love is speaking right through them, for you, and they do not even know it. They do not even try… they just are.

The spiritual journey often begins with a question, a profound query your soul needs an answer for. You have no reason for it, but there is a longing to reach it. You know that on the other side, the answer to this question is a greater understanding of God’s love… for you and for others. And as you move closer and closer to it, you find that you are swimming in this great ocean of faith. The shore that you have always known drifts further and further. The middle of the ocean is an unforgiving place—the solitude slowly eats at you. But somehow, you land on a new shore. Your wounds are treated, you are nourished back to life, and though these new people around you speak an entirely new language, you understand, and they understand… and what a great gift it is to be alive and well!

We each have our own relationship with the Most High, and if you have chosen to believe, it will become very clear to you who you are and what you are meant to fulfill in this life. This “doing” and fulfillment is simply the unfoldment of your natural self, who God always created you to be. You just forget. We wake up on this earth from amnesia, a deep slumber… sometimes over and over again. The more God speaks, and the more you choose to hear… the more liberated you become to express all the love that you are.

I know that the idea of “community” and “spirituality” can make you feel afraid. We have been conditioned to fear thinking for ourselves. It is a great threat to powers of control for beings to unite with harmony. I need you to remember that you do not have to seek guidance or teachers on your journey. You are a teacher, guide, and minister for others—as we all are! We meet in perfect divine timing and connect and share our wisdom, our failures, and our triumphs. Our voices, our consciousness, risen from the core of our hearts (and if we fuel the confidence to do so) are meant to speak life and love into each other. We are all beautiful vessels of God, and sometimes we need friends in an environment that makes our soul feel seen, heard, and safe to remember this… and to recall who we were before the world told us who we should be.

You are entitled to a sense of belonging and love on this Earth, friendships that nourish you, and sanctuaries that heal your body and give you peace of mind. Your entitlement is also your responsibility to help create and protect the spaces for more sacred moments, more unity, and more joy within and outside of yourself. If you are not there just yet, just keep walking The Path and you will always be exactly where you need to be.

Raileigh Duschen is an author, poet, speaker, healer, and founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching is a sacred space for those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality. Through significant lifestyle changes, authentic embodiment, and deep present awareness, we are able to collectively transition and ascend to our highest and chosen life paths.

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