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November 2023 - January 2024

Free Coaching Program for

Life Purpose Actualization 

Your gifts make you highly successful.

I thought I had to become a therapist or doctor to help people and build a life outside of poverty. 


While I had these opportunities right at my fingertips, I chose to walk away and pursue my authentic life path. Here are five outcomes in my life since I made this choice, and I hope they inspire you to believe in yourself and take a leap of faith that is calling to you…


  • At 21 years old, I surrendered a medical school scholarship opportunity and moved out of state with $200. I devoted myself fully to spiritual sabbatical and experiential self-development and healing.


  • At 23, I became a business entrepreneur and Conscious Lifestyle Coaching was born.


  • At 24, I started writing my first book and Conscious Lifestyle Coaching became an officially registered business. 


  • At 25, I published my first book and made my first $50k as a self-employed entrepreneur.


  • At 26, Conscious Lifestyle Coaching became a full-time business operation, I just sold out my first retreat, published a second book–with two more books on the way next year, and have been blessed with a team of highly intelligent, conscious, and heart-guided business leaders determined to elevate one another.  


I am on the path to reaching millions of people with my gifts and the joy of cultivating more peace, presence, love, healing, and empowerment in the lives of others.


If you would like support on your path to take your life story and vision and fully start walking and living your divine purpose on Earth, it would be an honor for me to help you!


I am getting ready to launch my full-time coaching practice next year! 


But first, I am seeking visionaries and change-makers who feel called to coach with me through the end of January 2024 for free (in exchange for critical feedback and testimonials).


Here are three outcomes I will be able to help you achieve over the next few weeks after our first onboarding call:


#1 Conscious clarity on your life vision and purpose


#2 Strategic + professional resources to enhance greater alignment in life choices


#3 Powerful cultivation + gentle embodiment of more peace, mindfulness, and integrity


I know that a million other coaches are saturating the market that you can work with, and many of them are fake and unhelpful. 


But if you are still reading this and have been connecting with me on the path so far, then there is potential here for us to have an amazing and catalyzing relationship, and I think it is worth trying out.


Especially since I am not asking for any contract or payment; just your time, participation, and feedback.


Will I try to sell you something at the end of our time together? Probably, yes. 


But we will only continue to walk this journey together if you truly get the results I am promising you here, and if you find it beneficial to keep sourcing support from me and my team. 


So, if you are interested to see if this free coaching program might be a fit for you, simply fill out this short coaching application form and our team will contact you as soon as possible. 


[start your application here]


I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart for connecting with me and valuing my work. It is because of visionaries, changemakers, trailblazers, and conscious leaders like you that I found it imperative to start my Life Purpose Actualization coaching practice.


Every person on Earth has come here with spiritual gifts, dreams, and visions that can impact the world significantly toward more healing, connection, love, and peace. It is entirely up to you to choose to serve your mission here, to decide when you are ready, and you certainly do not have to do it all alone. 


There is community and support here waiting for you! If you feel inspired to, please fill out the free application form for my free coaching program [here].


I can only accommodate a few more people and have had some on a waiting list, so if you are truly ready to take this opportunity please apply as soon as possible so we can get started!


But also, don’t worry, our team is also working on establishing more opportunities for learning and connection, so please stay tuned and up-to-date on what’s happening with Conscious Lifestyle Coaching.


For now, I hope to talk to you soon about helping you start 2024 with more clarity, alignment, peace, strategy, and so much more.


With gratitude and perseverance,


Raileigh Duschen

Author, Poet, Speaker, Healer

Life Purpose Actualization Coach

Founder, Conscious Lifestyle Coaching LLC

So what's included in this free coaching program?

  • 45-minute introduction and onboarding session

  • 1-hour professional coaching sessions (weekly) through the end of January 2024

  • Strategic self-development tools and resources specially curated for your journey

  • Guided meditations and mindfulness exercises that create sacred space for deep reflections, affirmations, relaxation, and renewal

  • Become a guest on the podcast and promote your vision, brand, or company 

  • Discount passes to future retreats, conferences, classes, and seminars

  • Join our global community network full of conscious business leaders, researchers, healers, artists, and more

All of this AND a special bonus coaching offer...

We are sharing a private coaching package to work one-on-one with a coach at an extremely discounted rate for those that enter the program early.

If you enroll in a 3-6 month coaching program before the end of January 2024 you will  receive a 50% discount



25% off your next retreat




A free pass to a future seminar or workshop. 

Sound good?

Apply for free here.

Okay but here is the catch...
we are only accepting 10 participants for the free coaching program and it ends January 31, 2024.

Last time I checked, there were only a few spots available for registration. 

The sooner you enroll the more sessions you will be able to receive! 

We are asking for $0 for this program in exchange for testimonials and feedback on your experience with us.

You will not have to sign any contract or give us any payment whatsoever. All we ask if for your time, participation, and commitment to yourself.


This is a free program!


I am not sure when we will be able to offer something like this again, but I am hoping this opportunity reaches those it is meant for.


Please send an email to for any questions. Enrollment, however, starts when you fill out our short and sweet application form to see if this is a great fit for us both. 

Our team will contact you shortly after your submission.

Hope to talk to you soon!

Change is coming...

Who is Raileigh?

Mountain shot.heic

Raileigh Duschen is a best-selling author and poet sharing her expertise on consciousness, alignment, and integrity. She is also the founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching, a sacred space for those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality. She and her team offer guidance through authentic embodiment and deep present awareness to catalyze significant lifestyle changes that align with higher vision, greater purpose, and life fulfillment.



What Clients Say

"Raileigh was a wonderful coach for me when I was just beginning a very big transitionary period in my life. Before starting our coaching sessions, I felt overwhelmed with my life and it was difficult to find motivation to really take control. I was going through a spiritual awakening while dealing with severe anxiety and was looking for a new path. Raileigh provided a 100% supportive and judgement-free space for me to express my thoughts and feelings so that we could both take a closer, collaborative look at what was going on in my head. We were able to acknowledge and get to the root of my most pressing issues and develop a unique self-care plan to tackle these issues. Raileigh has a lot of knowledge and experience in self-development and I learned some really useful coping mechanisms and acts of self-care through our coaching sessions. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is feeling doubtful, insecure, anxious, and needs help finding their inner light again!"

-C.A. (private guided session)

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