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Conscious Lifestyle Coaching is a platform for self-development, healing, and spirituality through profound awareness of one's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of being. We inspire, motivate, and empower deep knowing and learning of one's True Self. From this awareness, or awakened consciousness, we can then set intentional action steps and goals to transform our lives to live our dreams, and become our Highest Selves. In your coaching sessions, we will have intentional conversation and reflection, and learn unique and integrative tools of Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to achieve your goals with active embodiment.

conscious - aware of and responsing to one's surrounding; awake (Oxford Dictionary)

Life coaching has been shown to enhance self-confidence, satisfaction of major life choices, awareness of values, connection to life purpose, and individual goal setting and attainment (Lefdahl-Davis et al., 2018). Yoga, meditation, and mindful exercise are known for healing anxiety and depression with no apparent negative effects (Atezaz Saeed et al., 2019). Conscious Lifestyle Coaching sessions offer healthy and non-invasive tools to reduce stress and make healthier lifestyle choices while bringing clarity, peace, and presence to your day. 


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