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Warm Greetings!

Dear traveler,

You have found yourself here, not by chance, but on purpose. Your Spirit is calling you somewhere and you may be seeking for answers. 

All that you seek is within you. If you are ready I can help show you the way. I can walk with you on your journey for a bit, but ultimately, you know where the path is headed. Allow me to remind you how powerful, how loved, and how beautiful you really are. 

Feel free to rest and stop by for a bit! Whether you are seeking coaching guidance for your life transition, guided yoga and meditation, an empowering retreat, to check out my writings, or seeking free resources, please let me know how I can support you.

Peace and clarity within, and the strength to continue on without.


I pray that you enjoy your journey.

Love and light,

Raileigh Duschen

Transformation Coach 

Guidance for those transitioning through significant life change, spiritual awakening, and death


How I Can Help You