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Guided Yoga, Breathwork, & Meditation

Full mind, body, and spiritual practice designed to your unique needs.

Service Description

Receive 1 hour of private and guided yoga, breathwork, and meditation designed to your own mental, physical, and spiritual needs and goals. Please be as specific as possible and tell me your needs and intentions for your practice. This includes mind, body, and spiritual needs. Please detail any injuries or restrictions, or concerns you may have. This service is designed for those seeking self-empowerment and self-healing. This is an educational service, in addition to a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing service. I am certified through the Santosha Yoga Institute. I specialize in viniyoga and vinyasa, and integrate breathwork and meditation into the practice just as much as the physical movement. The yoga I teach is not a physical exercise program, it is to inspire, empower, and integrate deep and transformational healing. Namaste (the light in me, honors the light in you).