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Change Your Life Retreat (Asheville, NC)

Take yourself on an empowering and spiritual mountain journey!

Service Description

This retreat is for those ready to embark on a life-changing, profoundly healing journey into the Self. Design your own spiritual retreat and wilderness adventure with Raileigh as your personal guide and coach. Raileigh has extensive background in wilderness exploration and guiding, while holding sacred and safe space for profound healing and transformation. Expect beautiful lodging or camping, vibrant and healthy meals, personalized yoga and meditation, a full coaching session, and guided hiking. Advanced energetic cleansing may be inquired and offered to you. -Includes a live one-hour advising and coaching session with Raileigh during your visit, and receive your unique goals and success plan, and reflections worksheet. *Please note! By booking this retreat you are scheduling for a one-hour consultation and interview to design and reserve your unique retreat, and is absolutely necessary. You are also paying for your retreat in full and no further payments will be required. NO REFUNDS unless cancelation for severe weather. You will receive detailed instructions on programming and how to be prepared. You can reschedule your retreat up to one-week before at no extra cost. *Transportation not included. Conscious Lifestyle Coaching is not a travel agency, and therefore, cannot advise on your travel planning. We are an Asheville-based company--you are booking services that will travel to your lodging destination as referred to you by CLC.