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Private Guided Sessions


Presented by Raileigh Duschen, Founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching, published author, public speaker, certified healer 

This service is designed for those with an open heart to recieve support on their spiritual journey, in addition to their self-development and healing journey. No matter what spiritual realm you float in from, I am here to hold sacred space without judgement and with compassion.

Sample Medicines We May Practice:


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Don't put me in a box and close the lid, you won't find me there again.

– "Shaman's Spell," from Phoenix Medicines – A Transformative Journey Through Consciousness by Raileigh Duschen


What Clients Say

“As a life coach myself, I know the benefits of having support and guidance through life. For myself, I reached out to Raileigh at a critical time in my life. A time where I’m healing from a relationship ending. Meditation has always been challenging for me, but since my session, I have been intentional about taking time to sit still and reflect. Raileigh walked me through a visionary prompt and although I didn’t know what to expect, it was so good to be able to see things I didn’t think I would be made aware of. As a coach, Raileigh did a great job of asking questions and allowing me the space and safe place to answer and discover ideas, concepts and emotions that naturally surfaced during the session. What I loved most about Raileigh’s approach is that we didn’t just talk about things and discover things, but it was followed up with an action plan or steps to take to aid in my continual healing process and self love journey. These steps have been helpful in me staying focused on the clarity and peace I desire. If you need a safe place to express what is going on in your life and want guidance and support in discovering certain areas and take steps towards better living, I recommend you attend a session."
- K.R. (private guided session)
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