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The Sacred Pause

Updated: May 6, 2023

Do you ever feel like you're losing everything, and that there's no way to get it back?

woman meditating by the water

When something leaves your life, it is because something else is on its way in. Many people refer to this as “detachment” or they tell you to “trust the process.” I like to compare this situation to when you must plant seeds to reap a harvest. To eat and sustain your life you literally have to bury the very source of it into the ground! Never to be seen in that form again. Your only job at that point is to water that soil and protect it. Everything else is no longer in your hands, or your will. Oh, and how long is it going to take? That depends on how big that seed is!

Here is a story for you--take it how it resonates with your life situation. A year ago, I found a very beautiful and vibrant green grasshopper dead in my mountain cottage. I felt so sorry. I gently picked him up and put him on a purple flower in my yard for final rest. The next day, I looked at the flower and he was gone (obviously something probably came and picked up a free snack). I never thought about it again… until last weekend I was sunbathing on a lake beach and a vibrant green grasshopper came crawling fast towards me, seemingly like he miraculously emerged from the lake. I found it so funny, because I was meditating just that moment about what it means to let go and let God intervene in my life and found it to be a perfect metaphor and sign that what I have had to let go of is certainly returning to me. The form may not be how I imagine, the time may not be determined exactly to my knowledge, but I can trust and know that it is universal law that whatever seeds I sow, I shall reap. Not every seed will sprout. Some of that is in my control. A lot of it is not. But I can trust and allow myself to give with a loving heart, and that love will indeed return to me.

I challenge you this week to lay rest, and bury your seeds and your desires. A sacred breath. A pause is just the prelude to a new beginning…

If this resonated with you and you would like help to connect with deep presence and acceptance, book a guided meditation with me which includes gentle and intelligently guided breathwork to ease your mind and body. Check it out here.

With heart and soul,

Your Transformation Coach,

Raileigh Duschen

Guiding those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality

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