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CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE COACHING seeks to motivate, empower, and inspire you to embody the highest version of allowing space for self-awareness and reflection, encouraging positive coping skills, and guiding you to conscious and mindful life choices that you intuitively already know to take ... using the practices and philosophies of Yoga.


1. Mental Health Awareness - 
Using mindfulness, yoga, and meditation to inspire deep presence and self empowerment of the individual, raise consciousness, identify and clarify goals, dream big, and support and hold accountability to their self transformation and actualization journey. 
2. Spiritual Guidance -
Supporting and guiding the individual’s own experience through spiritual awakening, sudden life transitions, discovery and alignment of soul mission and purpose, and exploring reflections on faith, truth, love, fear, and consciousness.
3. Cultivating Connection - 
Encouraging the individual to build healthy and positive self relationship, image, and esteem so that they can optimistically observe the collective connection between all others, and even the living Earth. 

4. Engaging Physical Health -
Supporting the individual in identifying physical health goals, creating action plans, achieving outcomes, and holding accountability to the individual to achieve their goals.

5. Environmental Advocacy -
Inspiring and motivating the individual to seek opportunities to explore nature as a tool for self inquiry, holistic health, and mindfulness. In building stronger relationships with nature, it is my hope we find more inspiration and urgency in the care of our planet.

6. Social Justice -
Intentional and diverse inclusion and outreach in the education of alternative, holistic, noninvasive, and accessible healing modalities allowing ALL humans the same empowerment and curiosity of self healing and development.
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