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Conscious Lifestyle Coaching is a mindful partner for corporations, professional teams, organizations, small businesses, and individuals seeking peaceful empowerment, motivation, and inspiration on the collective journey to higher self awareness, transformation, and actualization...


Is Conscious Lifestyle Coaching right for you?


Professional Team Ascension...

  • Having gone through or experiencing significant company loss and hardship

  • Seeking empowerment and positive team building to achieve a vision

  • Seeking to inspire team mindfulness and health conscious company culture

  • Seeking to resolve conflict and tension and restore team harmony

  • Seeking to build authentic community + client relationships

Individual Ascension...

  • Considering or transitioning from a home, job, or relationship

  • Questioning self identity and life purpose

  • Struggling with self love and compassion

  • Seeking a more balanced, peaceful, happy, and healthier life

  • Experiencing a current life hardship and seeking empowerment

  • Desiring to know the meaning of life

  • Seeking accountability to achieve life goals and dreams

  • Experiencing a spiritual awakening and feeling alone

  • Ready to come to peace with a health diagnosis, death, or other grievance.

  • Seeking a deeper and personal spiritual connection

Transitioning to a higher reality and bringing a vision to manifestation means you must shed all old conditioning, systems, and patterns of fearful and negative thoughts and behaviors preventing you from matching to the vibration of your new and elevated reality. It is not comfortable. It is beautiful. It is the only way.

- Raileigh Duschen 

Headshot of Raileigh Duschen

Workshops & Courses

Live or in person group empowerment and mindfulness practice


Invite Raileigh to speak at your next live event, team meeting, or conference


Take yourself, family, friends, or professional team on a transformative and healing journey


Work with Raileigh on writing your next press release, campaign, or media production

Private Session

Work one on one with Raileigh to support your self-development, healing, and, spiritual journey


What Clients Say

"Raileigh was a wonderful coach for me when I was just beginning a very big transitionary period in my life. Before starting our coaching sessions, I felt overwhelmed with my life and it was difficult to find motivation to really take control. I was going through a spiritual awakening while dealing with severe anxiety and was looking for a new path. Raileigh provided a 100% supportive and judgement-free space for me to express my thoughts and feelings so that we could both take a closer, collaborative look at what was going on in my head. We were able to acknowledge and get to the root of my most pressing issues and develop a unique self-care plan to tackle these issues. Raileigh has a lot of knowledge and experience in self-development and I learned some really useful coping mechanisms and acts of self-care through our coaching sessions. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is feeling doubtful, insecure, anxious, and needs help finding their inner light again!"

-C.A. (private guided session)

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