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Journey Within: A Retreat for Inner Guidance and Restoration

November 10-12, 2023

Black Mountain, North Carolina

Join us for a transformative retreat weekend

You deserve a retreat this fall!

Here are three reasons that will obliterate all blocks and excuses.

You don’t need to be super into health food and yoga, a CEO or accomplished executive, hop on a plane to Bali, be well-traveled, or be seeking spiritual enlightenment to enjoy a retreat.

I know you’re going to fight me on this in your head and think I am going to slam you with a $1500-$2,000 retreat ticket offer.


I promise you I am not going to. I actually hope you get what you need right here in this blog so that eventually you do invest in yourself.


But for now, let me share three solid reasons why you totally should embark on a retreat. Then I will share an amazing offer to you to join a retreat I am hosting that I think you will find pretty exceptional. If you don't come, that's okay! Maybe another time.


REASON/SECRET #1 You do not have to be super fit, into yoga, and wear Lulu Lemon 


I am a certified yoga instructor, and don't actually like taking yoga classes taught by most instructors, nor do I even like teaching the traditionally-known-in-the-West yoga style (super sweaty, hardcore, competitive). 


Yoga is about the union of mind, body, and spiritual connection – and you don't need physical exercise to do it. 


For your next retreat, find yourself an instructor who focuses primarily on breathwork, meditation, and deep presence with focused and guided movement – especially if you are looking for an equal balance of both relaxation and rejuvenation. 


REASON/ SECRET #2 It is scientifically proven that self-care and compassion are essential


I have partnered with top researchers and leaders in the fields of consciousness and self-development, and while most do have a spiritual practice or believe in a higher power, it is NOT what they teach on.


Their motivation and core message is on the SCIENCE behind healing, connection, and growth that benefits the individual and thereby society. 


If science and/or spirituality appeal to you on your path for growth, make sure that your next retreat has an equal balance for a multi-dimensional and diverse experience. 


REASON/ SECRET #3 You are not escaping fulfillment, but diving deeper into it


Just because you are embarking on a retreat, doesn’t mean that there is a huge void in your life you are trying to fill.


What if you are retreating to celebrate the joy of life, and looking for a network of like-minded people?


What if you are not retreating to get healthy, lose weight, be in silence, and be miserable… but to be fully nourished and free to be your most authentic self?


On your next retreat, make sure that ALL your needs, desires, and expectations are not only met but exceeded. 


Now I know you’re waiting for me to sell my retreat to you. 


Not necessarily.


I only want you to come to my retreat if it really calls to you…


If what I shared in this blog is in ALIGNMENT with how you are moving forward in your life,


If you are CONSCIOUS enough to know what you want out of life,


And if you have the INTEGRITY to actualize your truest expression of yourself in this lifetime...


Click this link to learn more


To be honest, I know most people are turned off here (and if that is you, I still wish you peace on your journey).


But if you are still here, I would like you to really consider my retreat JOURNEY WITHIN - A RETREAT FOR INNER GUIDANCE AND RESTORATION HAPPENING Nov 10-12, 2023 here in Black Mountain, NC (30 minutes outside of Asheville, NC).


I am co-hosting with the founder of InnerAlly, Cynthia Phelps PhD at one of the most healing and sacred sites I have encountered in my life so far where I have guided many folks for deep healing and transformation.


We are offering this retreat for less than $500.




And before you get scared still on whether you can afford this or not... or waiting for the "catch"...


We are also offering this at a sliding scale rate! 


View booking details here


Why are we doing this? 


As the founder of my new company Conscious Lifestyle Coaching, as well as for the launch of Cynthia’s company InnerAlly, we are offering this special opportunity as a sowing of deep gratitude for the stars aligning as we manifest our visions for better mental health in America.


We will ask for testimonials and photos of course, and we absolutely demand that you receive one of the most life-changing weekends of your life, at an affordable cost.


We don’t know yet how successful our companies will be, but we are going to give this retreat pilot absolutely everything we have, and we hope that you get to be a part of it all.


Rooms are extremely limited at the lodge, so please check the registration page (here) to learn more and see if spots are still available.


Cynthia and I will always be here for you, especially if you are on the path of self-development, healing, or spirituality, and will always be coming out with new and fresh resources and coaching packages to support your journey. 


But of course, we hope you start your journey with our amazing retreat in November happening in one of the most gorgeous mountain refuges in America.


Peace and blessings to you on your journey!


Raileigh Duschen

Author, Poet, Speaker, Healer

Life Purpose Actualization Coach

So What's Included in the "Journey Within" Retreat?

  • Two nights and two days in scenic and cozy mountain lodge 

  • All-inclusive, healthy, nourishing, and fulfilling meals for the entirety of your stay

  • Acres of lush temperate rainforest, river-side hiking trails, a meditation pond, and a walking labyrinth 

  • Three professional mindfulness workshops led by expert coaches

  • One hour of restorative and gentle yoga and meditation with a sound bath in a geodesic light dome 

  • Two bonfires with elder storytelling and live acoustics

  • On-site eclectic bookstore featuring local and world-renowned books on self-development, healing, and spirituality

  • Two sacred ceremonial healing sessions

  • Two-hour guided hike and meditation journey 

  • Free book and self-development resources 

  • Gift bag with herbal care

  • Well-stocked variety of snacks and refreshments

  • Prime Autumn travel destination - including a 25 min drive to Lake Lure, 1 hr 17 min drive to Mount Mitchell, 38 min to Asheville downtown (41 min drive to AVL airport), 26 min to Blue Ridge Parkway, 20 min to Chimney Rock State Park

All of this AND a special bonus coaching offer...

We are sharing a private coaching package to work one-on-one with a coach at an extremely discounted rate!

If you apply for the coaching program before the retreat, you will also receive an honorary dinner ceremony during the retreat, and a special VIP waterfall hike and lunch with your retreat hosts and expert coaches to conclude your trip!


10% off your next retreat




A free pass to a future seminar or workshop. 

Sound good?

Apply for free here.

What is the retreat about?

What will we do?

Okay but here is the catch...
Lodging for the "Journey Within" retreat is super limited...

Last time I checked, there was only 1 spot left available for registration. 

This means you either get a huge room to yourself, or you bring a friend, date, family member, or team member.

We are asking for $479 per person/bed in order to make sure we provide the most outstanding and expansive retreat experience we can provide you while making it super affordable.

If you discover you can't come up to 1 week before the retreat we promise you a full refund, no questions asked. If you have an emergency at any point, we will give you a full refund. If you decide you are having a horrible time (which we seriously doubt will happen, or huge shame on us), you will get a full refund.


The $479 is only our asking price. 


Sliding scale payments are welcomed! We want you here no matter what!


Please send an email to for any questions. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. 

Address and directions, pack list, and final itinerary will be provided after registration

Lodging is Limited
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Screenshot 2023-08-08 194327.jpg

Retreat Hosts

Cynthia Headshot 2019 small.jpeg

Dr. Cynthia Phelps is the founder of InnerAlly: transforming your inner voice so you can thrive in work and life. She is an international speaker, mindfulness instructor, mobile app developer, coach, inner-compassion fan girl, and wiener dog mom. 


Raileigh Duschen is the founder of Conscious Lifestyle Coaching, a sacred space for those on the paths of self-development, healing, and spirituality. She is a certified yoga and meditation guide, author, poet, and public speaker. 


Why are we hosting a retreat?

Who are we?

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